by 40 Pound Hound

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I flew in to the state of Colorado
I stepped into a rental Cadillac
Champagne paint with a chrome white buff interior
Old man shoes and I hung my suit in back
The doctor she was kind she tried to warn me
To call her up if I started feeling strange
Like way too good or living in the movies
So I paid my doctor's bill and I kept the change

And if you stop to think about it
It's just the cost of doing business
Roadkill, roadkill honey
They will leave you by the side of the road

I moved out and up to the big city
I hit blackjack right about new year's eve
I found a 20 dollar bill just laying there on the sidewalk
with a dollar in my pocket you know I got relief
I then found out that crime don't pay the hard way
Unless you've got a lawyer or a judge
Maybe you lie in bed with some detective
No one ever claimed the game was fair to us

We rolled down to Meridian, Mississippi
With a trash bag window on a broken minivan
We lost everything we had in Nashville
On the road to New Orleans for a one night stand
And if you see my baby in a pawn shop
I hope you take her home and you learn to play
I hope you write a song for all the losers
Who never learned to get back what they gave



released September 3, 2016
Duane Hutter - Guitars
John Mathias - Bass, Vocals
Corin Stubblefield - Drums
Written by Duane Hutter and John Mathias. Lyrics by John Mathias
Recorded by Christopher "Charlie" Schaffer at Word of Mouth Studio Long Branch, NJ in 2016




40 Pound Hound Long Branch, New Jersey

Original, heavy guitar driven classic rock from the Jersey Shore. Influences: 60's and 70's blues based rock eg: Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Led Zep, Stones + vintage metal sounds by ACDC, Motorhead, Black Sabbath. Songs are built around riffs from guitarist Duane Hutter with bassist and singer John Mathias bringing lyrics and the groove, all pounded into place by drummer Corin Stubblefield. ... more

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